M.D. F.C.C.P., D.-A.B.S.M., F.A.A.S.M.
Seifu Demissie, M.D. | Khalid S. Ahmad, M.D.
Children’s Lung, Asthma and Sleep Specialists (CLASS)

ABOUT THE Practice: Dr. Ajayi was born in London, England. He went to medical school at the age of 15. Following his graduation, he worked in Nigeria and England, subsequently moving to New York, where he specialized in pediatrics, and then on to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he received his training in Pediatric Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Ajayi is the Medical Director and President of The Children’s Sleep Laboratory, The Children’s Lung, Asthma and Sleep Specialists and Florida Pediatric Research Institute. He is ably assisted by two colleagues, Dr. Khalid S. Ahmad and Dr. Seifu Demissie, both of whom are Pediatric Pulmonologists.

Dr. Demissie completed his Pediatric residency at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY where he was awarded Resident of the Year.  He fulfilled his sub-specialty training in Pediatric Pulmonology at Johns Hopkins Hospital University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD where he received extensive training in diagnosis and management of a wide range of pediatric pulmonary disorders.

Dr. Ahmad is board certified in Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine.  He graduated from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and received his sub-specialty training through the Stony Brook School of Medicine, Stony Brook, NY.

WHAT SETS US APART: CLASS is the only full service pediatric pulmonary and sleep medicine practice in Central Florida. The practice also employs a Clinical Psychologist who runs the behavioral sleep medicine program. Serving Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Lake, Polk and Manatee Counties, It offers a full range of sleep, allergy and pulmonary services. It has the most extensive network of office locations in Central Florida.  Each office runs as a full site and not as a satellite office. With each location offering: PULMONARY: Office visits, consults and full pulmonary function testing, in conjunction with services for the management of asthma, cough, pneumonia and other lung conditions. SLEEP: Sleep consults and visits as well as Sleep studies (Baseline, CPAP, MSLT), psychology and cognitive behavioral services. These services are used to treat sleep such as sleep apnea. ALLERGY: We also have a full allergy program which includes skin testing and immunotherapy. INPATIENT: The practice will offer inpatient services at Tampa General, Brandon Regional, All Children’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospitals.     

THE RIGHT DIAGNOSIS: No child should ever be treated for sleep apnea without having a clear diagnosis. It is important to understand the severity of sleep apnea and the benefits and the risks related to treatment before subjecting a child to surgery or CPAP. Conditions such as sleep apnea and sleep fragmentation can mimic behavioral disorders associated with ADHD; hence early identification and treatment is important to avoid stigmatizing a child. When treating a child with conditions such as asthma, it is important to correctly diagnose and characterize the severity of the condition. Asthma affects how children sleep, play and learn. It is our goal is to make sure that kids can do all of these things with ease.

IN THE COMMUNITY: It is our mission to develop a working relationship with educational institutions in Central Florida.  Emphasizing the importance of consistent sleep/wake schedules, teaching school staff and families about how to facilitate the development of independent sleep skills in children of all ages, and quickly and accurately identifying children who are at risk for sleep disorders.  Teachers have a unique ability to observe students on a daily basis and are often the first to become aware of behavioral, learning, and emotional symptoms that may be a sign of inadequate or disrupted sleep.  Teachers are our “first responders” and we are working to build awareness around making sleep a priority and increasing awareness of the critical importance of sleep on our daily lives. 

Office Locations:
16606 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa
4700 N. Habana Ave, Ste. 200, Tampa
3539 Little Rd, Trinity.

Main Office:
2660 W. Fairbanks Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789
P: 407-898-2767
F: 407-898-9443
E: Sleep@oppsa.com

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