Author: Courtney Caggiano

Demi Lovato

Tell Me You Love Me As you step into spring, the most attractive accessory is confidence, and no one knows how to rock their confidence more than Demi Lovato. At the young age of 25, Lovato has overcome a world of insecurity, obstacles, and critics and is here to encourage you with her latest album, Tell Me You Love Me. She might unashamedly declare that she’s not sorry in the hit single that championed the charts in 2017, but courageously flaunting her self-assurance like a second skin has not always been easy for the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer; her...

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Lana Del Rey

LA to the Moon Tour On February 2, Lana Del Rey is bringing her LA to the Moon Tour to Orlando’s Amway Center, on the heels of her most recent album Lust for Life—a coming-of-age, cosmic masterpiece whirling us through space and time with a melodic, centrifugal pull. Caught in a romance with the past but in love with the future, Del Rey’s album is a contribution that pushes her moody and brooding fans—and even her melancholy self—to find a new, grown-up perspective and embrace the joys of the moment. Since her 2012 breakthrough with Born to Die, Del...

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