Diane Gilman and Kirstie Alley

Photo by Bryan Kasm/HSN

Lookin’ Good in DG2

The “Queen of Jeans” is back in Tampa, Florida to celebrate her 21st anniversary with Home Shopping Network, alongside good friend and fan, Kirstie Alley. Diane Gilman’s brand DG2 is currently HSN’s longest running celebrity brand and number one fashion personality. She brings in more than $150 million in sales annually and has sold over 7 million pairs of jeans to date!

On Friday, May 29, Gilman and Alley celebrated the anniversary with an intimate lunch at Café Ponte, followed by a visit to the HSN headquarters and studios, where Alley joined Gilman on-air for her live, anniversary HSN show.

Alley expressed her love for the brand when she surprised Gilman with a live call-in testimonial, during which she proclaimed, “I have not worn jeans for ten years, they were just absolutely taboo; they weren’t even on my list.” After ordering and trying on a pair of DG2s, Alley said, “I don’t want to look like a woman of a certain age…I just want to look sexy and hot in a pair of jeans again. So I put them on and [I said], ‘is this real? Is this really happening?’” Alley continued, “I want jeans that are comfortable, and sexy, and they make your bottom look good…these are sexy…and they make you look awesome.” Alley claims to have bought many more pairs of DG2 jeans ever since.

“Diane inspires women to feel fashionable at any age,” said Bill Brand, President of HSN.  “She has done a remarkable job in building a meaningful relationship with her loyal customer base and we congratulate her on her continued success.”

Gilman launched the DG2 jean after recognizing a void in the denim market. With the lack of denim brands catering to baby boomer women, Gilman used herself as a fit model to design and create a comfortable and flattering jean. The collection’s debut on HSN was an instant success, and Gilman sold 5,000 pairs of jeans in two minutes.

According to Diane, “It all traces back to that ‘light bulb moment’ when I decided to use myself as a fit model and design a jean for women my age. I’ve since turned to innovation in denim technology to design increasingly purpose-driven and solution driven jeans, and the HSN platform to share experiences with the customer for which they were made. I look forward to celebrating the past 21 years with both my customers and HSN.”

Today, the DG2 line has expanded to include tops, jackets and outerwear, all of which also extend into plus sizes. Gilman continues to evolve her classic denim collection as well, using new fit-technology and hybrid knits to ensure look-good and feel-good denim.

As each year proves to be bigger than the last, Gilman’s 21st Anniversary is bound to be one to remember.