We have all had those days where we just can’t decide what foods are most tantalizing to our taste buds. Or maybe it’s a Saturday evening and you are going out for a meal with your family or a group of friends, but you can’t come to a consensus on which restaurant you want to go to. The perfect solution comes to you in the form of a food truck rally. To many the idea of eating a meal out of a truck may have seemed absurd years ago, but this phenomenon is taking cities across the nation by storm, the Tampa Bay area being one of them. In fact, on August 31st The Worlds Largest Food Truck Rally EVER was held in order to break the Guinness World Record for the largest amount of food trucks present at a rally.

Purchasing a bite to eat from a food truck is not a new idea. People have been selling food from carts, cars and trucks for decades, but the notion of a food truck rally has taken this craze to a whole other level. Food truck rallies are becoming recognized events that pop up on city calendars. Lines of U-Haul sized trucks are lined up in areas such as the Florida State Fair Grounds, near the Tampa International Airport and on Howard Avenue, throughout each month. It is likely that you can find a food truck assembly almost weekly in the Tampa Bay area.

You may still be wondering what is the factor that continues to draw people in and keep trucks coming from miles away? Well, simply put, it’s the variety and abundance of food options. Many people assume upon their first food truck rally that they will be limited to hot dog stands and carnival themed food, they are wrong. While you can find your fried favorites such as deep fried Oreos or corn dogs at some venues, food trucks are not limited to such fare. Italian, Mexican, Greek, French, Barbeque and Indian are just some of the many options you can choose from. You can have chorizo rice balls for an appetizer, a barbeque pulled pork sandwich as your main course and crème brûlée for dessert without going to three different restaurants. While some trucks focus specifically on a certain genre of food, others let their imaginations fly free.

Food trucks are ways in which restaurants can send out some of their most popular dishes into the area or an entrepreneur can get some of their unique creations out there to the public. The idea of a food truck has become somewhat of an art form among the culinary community. Food trucks allow chefs to see what is a hit and what’s a miss by testing out item sales at a rally. Food truck rallies present a way in which everyone can be happy with their meal whether they stick with old, faithful favorites or decide to try the most outrageous and possibly fantastic foods. Most food trucks in the Tampa area started out as small businesses, but have become household names that people continue to go back to.

Food trucks also provide a unique atmosphere. We often find ourselves either barely squeezing in our meals between busy schedules or falling into the pattern of going to the same mundane places every weekend. A food truck rally is a new way to have an interactive experience while discovering foods we may never have been exposed to before.