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The lawyers profiled here exemplify a standard of excellence in their profession and by so doing have garnered respect and esteem of their colleagues. There are a multitude of specialties in the practice of law, each requiring expertise gleaned through formal education, personal experience and prior court established procedures often referred to as case law. Lawyers and readers have been asked to name attorneys whom they hold in the highest regard or would recommend to others. The reality is that there are a variety of factors that determine the qualifications of a great attorney. Objective factors include trial experience and results in past cases, but most factors are subjective such as the quality or persuasiveness of an argument in court, skill at negotiating or giving legal advice. Do your due diligence when choosing an attorney that’s right for you; making sure the attorney being considered has a good reputation in the legal community and the community at large, in the location where your case will be heard. The attorneys being showcased in the following profile pages are specialized in areas of law practice and are considered to be excellent in their field.

Intermittent Fasting

If you’re wondering why your diet isn’t working like you thought it would, maybe you should look into your pattern of eating. Intermittent fasting, the oldest dietary regulation

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a beer a day keeps the doctor away?

Health Benefits Of Drinking A Cold One! We have heard stories and read articles about how having a glass of red wine a couple days a week (or everyday) is good for most people because some red wine has the ability to improve...

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Intermittent Fasting for Health?

Tired of cutting out this and that, making yourself miserable only to see little to no change to your weight? If this is a frustration you are familiar with, you might be interested in intermittent fasting. This newly...

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